Challenge by Johan Roelandt & Koen Van Deun

“Create a style for a law office. But use only Comic Sans, Playbill and Marker Felt. It HAS to look classy.” – Koen Van Deun & Johan Roelandt

Start: Mon, Jan 31 2011
Deadline: Fri, Feb 11 2011

Trying to create a logo with the obligated fonts. Obviously they are quite useless for this goal.

Creating a new font based upon the transition between the three fonts. I made a mix of Comic Sans and Marker Felt. The slightly organic shape radiates handwriting and confidence. Still the font is less frivolous than Comic Sans or Marker Felt.

A new logo and stationery, based on the new font.

I adjusted the new font by tightening up the inner shapes of the characters. This font will be used to add ‘Roeland en Deun Advocaten’ to the logo.

Creating some new logos, since the previous brand identity is not completely what I had wanted it to be.

The final logo is based on the white space between the Playbill D and R. I tried to eliminate as much elements as possible without losing the legibility.


The new brand identity with personalised stationery.

Worked hours: Approximately 58h in 10 days

Tue, Apr 26 2011

Adding some color changes.

Worked hours: 5h 48min in 1 day

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