Challenge by Sayaka Yamamoto & Boaz Cohen

“In 5 days make 5 life-size portraits of yourself without the use of self-photography. The link between yourself and the portraits must be visible/clear.”BCXSY

Start: Mon, Feb 21 2011
Deadline: Fri, Feb 25 2011


Here is where I am after 5 days. I made 5 lifesize portraits of my graphic identity. The portraits describe how I work, they are works in progress. If I would have had more time, I would redo Perfectionism and integrate the titles into the portraits.

Worked hours: 42h 13min in 5 days
Average per day: 8h 27h


As I think a good designer should take the feedback from his customers to heart (without losing his individuality offcourse), here’s what I did. I spent just one day on another self-portrait. To keep things fresh and spontaneous but also because in the professional world of design there is often very little time to carry out adjustments.

” Hello Dorien, (…) Generally speaking, we like what you did. (…) Your choices for topics are clear, as well as the ways you expressed them. Things look very aesthetic and the repeating portrait element creates a clear link between the 5 results. (…) Looking at your 5 choices to describe yourself, we find it quite an idealistic and/or obvious selection of terms. (…) Personally we would have rather seen some more personal sides of you, maybe not directly connected to your profession. We actually had some more 3D results in mind when we gave you the assignment. And in general we would have liked to see some more different approaches. (…) We would have rather seen some more experiments instead of ‘safe’ choices. (…)”

In the next portrait I’ve tried to illustrate a feeling of awakeness, a characteristic that portrays me well. It is supposed to repeat continuously and to be beamed in a dark room, to set the focus on the (a)live silhouette.

Worked hours: 14h 03min in 1 day

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